Freighter Voyages

Welcome to the exciting world of Freighter Cruising – seeing the world from a cargo or container vessel. Freighter Travel is here to advise you on all aspects of cargo travel and to assist you in planning a trip to remember.

A voyage on a cargo ship can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. It is not overstating it – to say that some people think that Freighter Cruising is a life changer. You can visit places you have only dreamed about, where traditional cruise ships may not call and return home with a store of adventures and memories to share with (envious?) friends.

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What to Expect

Sailing as a passenger on a cargo vessel is a unique experience: all the rules that you usually hear on a cruise ship – usually do not apply.

You are welcome on the bridge at any time – just be respectful of the Officers.

If you want to sit on the bow and watch the world go by – no problem, with the merchant marine you have the time to savor the tranquility and elements of the ocean without the hustle and bustle of a cruise ship.

You get all the benefits of excellent accommodation and meals; the opportunity to get to know the crew, the workings of the ship; and plenty of time to relax and unwind – perhaps write that book you have been promising yourself.

Some cargo ships have a swimming pool and gymnasium which are shared with the ship's crew and/or officers.

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